Hello again

“Around the middle of the road of life”

was how Dante began his Divine Comedy, meaning he was in his mid-thirties, the Biblical span being “three score years and ten”: it wasn’t the Psalmist’s fault the ConDems have misinterpreted the passage as indicating the age to which poor people should work at McDonalds before getting a state pension.  And though my friend Emma was kind enough to say recently that I’d stay twenty-something until I started drawing that pension, in purely chronological terms I’m approaching my mid-thirties with more speed than enthusiasm.

And I haven’t written a masterpiece of world literature (not that I plan to).  I haven’t written anything.

As you can see, then, I’ve decided to start occasionally blogging again (a redundant but unobjectionable statement of the sort that forms the basic stodge of British conversation: maybe its mashed potato).

Why blog?  For a start, I’m opinionated.  Contrary to popular rumour, local politicians don’t actually get all that many opportunities to hear the sound of their own voices; and in any case, if I tried to turn every meeting into An Audience With Mike Rowley, people would soon get fed up of the sound of mine.  What I don’t get the chance to say in meetings, but would like to, will go here, along with any other stuff I feel like posting.*

I know.  I’m really selling this blog, aren’t I?

The proper purpose is hopefully to share a few thoughts and ideas, serious and otherwise.  I’m not bigheaded enough to think this will ever have a wide readership, but if I can draw a few people’s attention to things I feel strongly about, and make a few people laugh now and then, I’ll have achieved my objectives.  Wish me luck.

* Needless to say my posts aren’t to be taken as reflecting the views of Oxford Labour, any of my fellow Labour Councillors or the Council as a whole.  If they always did that would be scary in more ways than one.


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One response to “Hello again

  1. Matt D

    ” If they always did that would be scary in more ways than one.”

    Or awesome.

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